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Episode 177

August 10th, 2022

177: What Love Has To Do With Facilitation with Lorenz Sell

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    Love is wonderful, it’s all around. Love is the finest thing in the world… but what’s it got to do with facilitation?

    Spend and hour with Lorenz Sell and you’ll see the many threads that connect love and facilitation together. From creating connection and honest communication to presence and validation — facilitators may as well be love incarnate!

    Lorenz and I discuss a range of themes in this episode, from the nitty-gritty of learning and sharing to the beautiful soft light of love and attention. Conversation with Lorenz flows so lightly and thoughtfully, this episode is equally perfect for a candle-lit Saturday night or a slow summer Sunday morning. Enjoy it — whichever way you choose to listen.

    Find out about

    • Why the labels we assign to objects, feelings, or states cannot override their universal values
    • How online learning fell into an imbalance of content vs. connection
    • Why Lorenz sees ‘coherence’ as the great challenge of his facilitation practice
    • How Lorenz defines ‘the space’ in a workshop
    • What the difference is between hearing, seeing, and feeling another person
    • Why Lorenz thinks facilitators need to get comfortable with the darkest corners of themselves

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