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Episode 178

August 17th, 2022

178:Facilitating Transformation: A Conversation between Utopia and Reality with Doug Breitbart

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    When you think of business transformation, what do you picture?

    Expensive consultants armed with long presentations and a briefcase of jargon? Or a voluntary grassroots movement of trust, equity, and contractual safety within an organisation?

    Douglas Breitbart sees it one way and one way only. You may be able to guess which method gets his vote.

    This episode was hugely refreshing and inspiring. Douglas’ conviction and confidence in the power of internally led transformation projects — and the methods required to facilitate them effectively — are a blueprint for the agile and empathetic businesses of the future.

    Find out about

      • How sharing, not enforcing, power creates change
      • Why Douglas believes organisations can (and shall) change without new resources or inputs
      • Why many leaders end up ignoring the most powerful energetic potential in their organisation
      • Why an attachment to outcomes causes harm to the facilitator and their workshop participants
      • What changes when a voluntary team leads a transformation process
      • How to use values audits in business transformation
      • Why workshop participants are waiting for ‘enrolment’ — and how you can provide it

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