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Episode 180

August 31st, 2022

180: How to Use (Video) Games as Medium to Facilitate Learning with Mohsin Memon

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    Mohsin Memon is a gaming expert—but he’s not spending his days playing shoot ‘em ups. Mohsin’s expertise lies at the crossroads of learning and gaming, where he spends his time creating immersive experiences and teaching others how to do the same.

    Our conversation in this episode was a speed-run of all things experiential learning, from the nuts-and-bolts details of what makes a game enjoyable, to the more cerebral questions around ‘fair play’ and childhood experiences.

    If you’re interested in alternative approaches to learning, novel applications of facilitation skills, or adapting your methods to the needs of the group—you’re going to thoroughly enjoy this episode.

    Find out about

    • How Mohsin (and the wider world) defines and understands games
    • How games hold up a lens to our behaviour patterns and show us fascinating distortions
    • Why games are a vehicle for interaction and connection
    • How our childhood experiences dictate our expectations of games
    • How our culture shapes our appreciation and proclivity for certain types of games
    • What it means to play a game fairly – and what happens when that isn’t assured

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    Gamitar – The company Mohsin represents. This is also the official publisher of the games

    Evivve – The Leadership Game – A game designed for virtual and physical facilitated learning experiences on a range of leadership competencies.

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