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Episode 184

September 28th, 2022

184:Facilitating Heart Connections in the Corporate World with Breeze Dong

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    Ask a group of leaders about heart connections in their organisations and you will likely be met with raised eyebrows and doubtful looks. Their loss—and Breeze Dong’s gain, as a veritable expert in heart connections in the context of organisational development.

    Breeze joins me in this episode to unravel the concept of heart connections—explaining what the phrase really means, how companies benefit from encouraging heart connections, and how they’re more important than ever in an age of uncertainty. It’s a fascinating insight into deep truths that might otherwise be dismissed as ‘woowoo’ when taken by name alone.

    Learn about facilitating inner, outer, and networked connections from a place of meaning in this episode.

    Find out about

    • What heart connections are and how we can facilitate them in different environments
    • Why heart connections, grounding, and emotionality need to be flexible in organisations
    • Why rational solutions aren’t a cure-all in times of uncertainty
    • Why having time and space for self-work is a precursor to forming heart connections
    • How to move groups from being in their heads to being in their bodies
    • What system thinking has to do with heart connections
    • How to balance the needs of a system with the needs of its individual constituents

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