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Episode 185

October 5th, 2022

185:Facilitation in Movement - Improvising into Growth with Tom Goldhand

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    Dance – especially improvised dance – is an arena for deep vulnerability, connection, and growth. It requires careful and considered facilitation, as you may have guessed!

    Enter, Tom Goldhand! Tom helps participants understand themselves and each other through the power of dance and authentic movement. Perhaps most impressive is how Tom can apply his skills in business settings, offering unique workshops for groups and companies to move their way into new ways of thinking.

    We had a lot to discuss, which might not surprise you, but we managed to fit so much into this episode. Step up to the stage and enjoy the rhythm of our conversation.

    Find out about

    • What every workshop – from dance and improv to corporate clients – has in common
    • What every workshop – from dance and improv to corporate clients – has in common
    • Why creating a space to share knowledge is very different to teaching
    • How emergent dynamics in dance workshops reflect wider truths of human connection
    • What happens to individuals and groups when they improvise
    • How to protect participants from a ‘vulnerability hangover’
    • Why it can be beneficial to think about a ‘good enough’ outcome for your workshop
    • How ‘movement with awareness’ can make dance feel more accessible

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