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Episode 186

October 12th, 2022

186:Narrative Models in Exformative Design and Facilitation with Francis Laleman

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    Some episodes of this podcast have an extremely tight focus — a specific topic, inspected under scrutiny. Some episodes are like walks through a beautiful park, stopping and admiring different beautiful moments and places.

    My conversation with Francis Laleman — a trainer-of-trainers, a facilitation teacher, and an excellent facilitator in his own right — was most certainly one in the latter category. We spent an hour or so weaving our way through big questions and small curiosities. It was a joy and an opportunity for both of us to think more deeply about the fundamentals of our work.

    Explore the depths of change, the art of not doing anything, and the hidden designs we create in our lives and work.

    Find out about

    • Why change is the common goal that links facilitation, training, and coaching
    • What Francis aims to achieve by hosting workshops with ‘provocative absence’ and invisibility
    • Why the ‘you’ that facilitates a group is unique to each group
    • How learning is a cooperative affair and, so, training is a matter of creating readiness for cooperation
    • What ‘exformative’ learning and facilitation are
    • Taking inspiration from acting and theatre
    • Why our view of workshops as singular events can inhibit our effectiveness

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