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Episode 187

October 19th, 2022

187: The Seasons of Facilitation with Barbara Pedersen

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    Some of you who listen to this episode will not have been alive for 30 years, which gives Barb Pedersen the wonderful claim that she’s been facilitating since before you were born!

    Not that she would boast in such a way; Barb’s approach is informed by humility, curiosity, and positivity (as you will quickly come to learn in this episode).

    Those tenets have served her brilliantly in her three decades of facilitation and, you may not be surprised to hear, she has seen a lot of change in that time. This episode was our opportunity to zoom out and look at the macro changes in facilitation over the course of a working life — as well as the constants and evergreen skills.

    Find out about

    • How facilitation has changed over the three decades of Barb’s practice
    • The ever-increasing awareness of facilitation within organisations
    • What online facilitation has changed about our work — and which parts remain the same
    • How to empower groups to solve individual issues in a workshop
    • Why great recording and note-taking is an art of synthesis, not verbatim writing
    • Why prioritising your values and beliefs serves you better than perfecting a facilitation method

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