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Episode 188

October 26th, 2022

188: How to Increase Accessibility of Online Workshops? with Marie Dubost

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    Accessibility — ensuring the spaces we create are open, welcoming, and easy for everyone to join — is a critical, but often neglected, issue in facilitation. It took the rise of online workshops to take accessibility from an afterthought to a main event.

    But this increased focus on accessibility, long overdue as it was, has proven to be to everyone’s benefit. A rising tide lifts all boats and more accessible workshops help everybody feel included.

    Marie Dubost has been shouting for accessibility in facilitated spaces for many years and it’s a joy to know that her voice is now being heard. In this episode, we focus on the specifics of how we can make our online workshops more accessible, whilst also touching on some broader reflections on facilitation and inclusivity.

    Find out about

    • What percentage of internet users have access needs
    • How much variation there is in access needs, from colour-blindness to traumas
    • How to become a proactively inclusive facilitator
    • Why accessibility starts long before the workshop begins
    • The quick wins you can start practicing today to create greater accessibility in your workshops
    • Why accessibility in workshops is more about mindfulness than deep expertise

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