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Episode 189

November 2nd, 2022

189: Facilitation as an Art of Accepting Offers with Robert Poynton

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    Improvisation seems to have an inescapable connection with facilitation. It’s a topic we’ve touched on many times in this podcast but, to really dig into its depths, it made sense to speak with the man who — quite literally — wrote the book on it!

    Robert Poynton is the multi-talented author of Do Improvise and Do Pause, creator of Yellow (a unique online learning programme), and the fabled On Your Feet experiential workshop studio.

    In this episode, we explore what it means to improvise — by saying no as much as yes, by learning to trust our embodied instinct and responsiveness, and by trusting that there are no wrong roads in the journey towards facilitating change.

    Find out about

    • Why the unpredictable flow of a workshop is the only flow it can realistically take
    • How to facilitate with instinct, as well as intellect
    • How to embrace ideas, challenges, and interruptions in your workshops as creative inputs
    • Why a workshop that meets your expectations may not be so successful
    • How to pan for golden nuggets in a stream of silence
    • Why Robert disagrees that improv is all about saying ‘yes’
    • What acceptance, rather than agreement, does to transform the room

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