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Episode 190

November 9th, 2022

190: The Meaning of Courage in Facilitative Work with Roi Ben-Yehuda

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    Facilitation might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of courage — we do not charge valiantly into battle or wrestle wild animals! — but the closer one looks at it, the more the connection becomes visible.

    It takes courage to bring a group of people together and challenge them to grow and make progress. It takes courage to stand up and say “I will do this”. It takes courage to ask difficult questions.

    And it takes courage to get out of our own way — and the group’s.

    Roi Ben-Yehuda joins me in this episode to dissect what it means to facilitate with courage, why questions are the currency of the courageous, and what he’d plan to say if zombies attacked.

    Find out about

    • Why courage has nothing to do with escaping fear, but everything to do with contextualising it
    • Why open vs. closed questions is an outdated binary — and Roi’s more qualitative alternative
    • How collectivism operates as a shortcut to courage
    • How the magic of workshops isn’t in the content, but in how the group interact with the content
    • What you can do to prevent being triggered out of courage
    • Where leadership and facilitation intersect — and why collaboration and cocreation are critical to both

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