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Episode 196

December 21st, 2022

Facilitation as Deliberate Sensemaking with Michael Hamman

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    Facilitation is a system that gives groups space to make sense — it’s not about guiding them towards something, nor is it about leading them.

    But what is ‘deliberate sensemaking’ all about? To the uninitiated, it may sound a little simplistic — is it just about helping people understand stuff that they’re working on?

    Michael Hamman, one of the foremost voices in Agile coaching and training, explains all in this episode and reveals the complexity behind seemingly simple sense-making. We discuss the facilitator’s role as a mirror for the group, the work before the work of sensemaking, and how our incessant and instinctive need to categorise is the last great barrier to topple if we want things to make more sense.

    Find out about

    • How sensemaking and categorisation help groups make progress
    • Why, once we understand categorisation, we shall dismantle it
    • How to create deeper insight by leaving some questions unanswered
    • Why facilitation is about being a mirror, rather than a painting
    • How to design workshops that prioritise sensemaking
    • What happens when we break ourselves free from the categories we’ve created
    • The common theme that emerges when Michael prioritises inner beauty in his workshop design

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