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Episode 197

December 28th, 2022

How to Set Up Breakout Rooms for Success with Gwyn Wansbrough

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    In an on-site workshops, breakout groups are a tried and tested way to get the group thinking, communicating, and developing.

    In online workshops, breakout rooms are a different beast.

    You press a button and the group disappears — you don’t know what they’re saying, whether they’re collaborating, or anything about their time together!

    Gwyn Wansbrough is on a mission to take the uncertainty out of breakout rooms and virtual facilitation. Her approach touches all ends of the workshop, helping you and your participants get clear on your shared purpose, rules for engagement, and much more.

    Gwyn provides a crash course in breaking through the burden of breakout rooms, so you can turn them into a powerful option in your facilitation toolbox!

    Find out about

    • Why your setup and warm-up will make or break the success of your breakout rooms
    • What Gwyn believes to be the four biggest mistakes we make with breakout rooms
    • How to use the start of your workshop to prepare the group for breakouts
    • How to use a set of shared agreements to generate buy-in and commitment
    • Why it’s vital to remain present for the group, even if you are outside of their breakouts
    • The three things participants need to feel comfortable in breakout rooms

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