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Episode 199

January 11th, 2023

Facilitation Skills at Scale: Fidelity International's Facilitation Academy with Rod Butcher and Nikesh Patel

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    How do you create a culture of independent and empowered facilitation in a large business? Well, Rod Butcher and Nikesh Patel of Fidelity International posed me that question and, together, we came up with a radical solution.

    This episode explains the story of how we built Fidelity International’s Facilitation Academy.

    You can hear about the process we followed and the results we’ve seen, as well as how we interpreted the issues and questions that Rod and Nikesh started with.

    Implementing facilitation skills at scale can be a daunting thought, but it’s eminently more enticing when it’s achieved through a generative, self-sustaining cycle of talent training talent!

    Find out about

    • What the structure and process of the academy is and how it works
    • How to look at a problem with a broad view, to find unexpected solutions
    • The unique challenges of internal facilitation vs. external facilitation
    • The unexpected benefits of implementing a facilitation mindset across an organisation
    • Why an interdepartmental-by-default approach creates more meaningful space for change
    • How framing facilitation as problem-solving generated more interest
    • How to create a virtuous cycle of facilitation, training, and learning

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