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Episode 200

January 18th, 2023

Your Questions, My Answers: Learnings from 200 Weeks with Myriam Hadnes

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    The latest milestone for the workshops work podcast—200 episodes! 200!

    To celebrate the occasion, I’ve produced a special episode. Instead of speaking to a guest, I asked Michelle Howard to speak to me.

    This wasn’t a simple role-reversal, though. Instead, Michelle became the de-facto voice of the community that has grown and flourished around the show. I sourced my inspiration for episode 200 from my newsletter subscribers and LinkedIn connections, gathering their questions—big and small, serious and silly—about the podcast, what I’ve learned, and my thoughts on facilitation at large.

    Find out about

    • My own misconceptions about facilitation that the podcast has revealed over time
    • What I would say, if I could travel back in time, to the Myriam who was about to record episode one
    • Why I’m always, at least partly, pursuing constructive ignorance in my interviews
    • How my focus has shifted from what my guests ‘do’ and where it rests now
    • What has changed in my professional facilitate practice since hosting the show
    • Lessons and points of interest from building the NDB community

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