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Episode 201

January 25th, 2023

Thinking with Things with Jules Gilleland

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    Things—found objects, ephemera from the discarded world, are everywhere. A marble, a spoon, a coil of string. They’re forgettable and ignorable and they’re the magic ingredient that makes Jules Gilleland’s workshops work.

    Jules developed Things as a problem-solving tool, informed by design thinking, to help people connect the dots and capture their problems in a physical form. It’s a context-neutral learning through play, a way to tap into ourselves when we can’t rely on language, and a means of overcoming the challenges that refuse to budge.

    Learn all about Things, Jules’ story, and how a bit more visual thinking can make your workshops work even better.

    Find out about

    • What Jules’ Things are and why they can be so magical in workshop settings
    • How the four principles of Collect, Connect, Capture and Communicate appear in Thinking with Things
    • Why participants behaving like children is not such a bad situation
    • How to get out of your head and improve your hosting by focusing on engaged participants
    • How to turn a disparate pile of found objects into a problem-solving powerhouse
    • Why Jules prioritises a remarkable ending to her workshops

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