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Episode 203

February 8th, 2023

How to Build Team Performance with Games with Viren Thakrar

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    Nothing happens between childhood and adulthood that means we can no longer learn and grow through play, but for some reason we stop using this powerful tool once we get serious and put on blazers and heels.

    Viren Thakrar is leading the charge to change this for good, bringing games and fun into team development settings to help participants connect, collaborate, and have some good old fashioned fun.

    He’s had more than a little success with his approach and is kind enough to share some of the most impactful learnings so far in this episode. It’s unmissable for anyone interested in new ways of learning, positive motivation, and self-directed growth.

    Find out about

    • Getting granular about what makes a game a game
    • Understanding and using gameplay loops to make stickier activities
    • Why games are the ultimate sandbox for behavioural change
    • How to avoid the death knell of being labelled as ‘forced fun’
    • Why games are so effective at getting us into a flow state
    • Why Viren recommends facilitators come from within an organisation
    • How to strike a balance between purposeful fun and distraction

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