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Episode 204

February 15th, 2023

A Comprehensive Discussion on the Art and Science of Facilitation with ChatGPT

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    It’s the talk of the internet and business circles, the culmination of many years of research and training, and an amazing step forward into the next stage of technology enabled and enhanced life.

    ChatGPT, I’m amazed and amused to say, is this week’s guest.

    I put a series of questions, taken directly and adapted from previous episodes, to the conversational AI. What emerged was sometimes fascinating and sometimes mundane, sometimes enlightening and sometimes misguided. I took every answer as it arrived, not asking follow-up questions and not editing the information it gave me.

    What is most interesting is to see what the collected knowledge it’s been trained on can tell us about the current state of and view on facilitation.

    Find out about

    • Differentiating the skills needed and demands of online, in-person, and hybrid facilitation
    • Why AI cannot replace a human facilitator
    • ChatGPT’s reply on whether facilitation is the 21st century’s most crucial leadership skill
    • How to learn facilitation and what distinguishes a good from a great facilitator
    • The facilitators’ biggest challenge and how to overcome it
    • What the future of facilitation looks like — and how we might include AI in it

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