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Episode 209

March 22nd, 2023

It’s Not About the Workshop - How to Make Workplace Learning Stick with Steph Clarke

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    Workplace training and learning can inspire some varied responses. For some, a roll of the eyes and a sense of wasted time. For others (usually those who work with Steph Clarke), a brightening and lightening as possibilities open ahead of them.

    Why is it that workplace learning is so variable across organisations? Steph can point to several root causes — and we spend this episode diagnosing the faults and suggesting their fixes.

    From applying facilitation skills in unusual ways to bringing groups on board as co-creators, Steph opens up a world of possibilities for a future in which workplace learning is consistently valuable, relevant, and engaging.

    Step into that future with us and enjoy Steph generously sharing her expertise!

    Find out about

    • Why delivering a pre-defined workshop or lecture is the worst way to engage a group
    • What changes when you use real examples from participants’ work in your training
    • How to design learning experiences with a collaborative heart
    • Why learning a client’s language can transform your communication
    • Why a rigid plan encourages participants to check out
    • How you can design your training with, not for, participants

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