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Episode 212

April 12th, 2023

Why Conflict is a Gift: Unlocking the Secrets to Powerful Facilitation with Sarah Norton and Steve Ray

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    Conflict in workshops is common, but how many of us seek to avoid it instead of embracing it?

    It’s understandable, and dare I say natural, to do so, but as Sarah Norton and Steve Ray explain in this episode, conflict is a growth opportunity. The journey through conflict can be uncomfortable, but the destination beyond it is one of radical difference.

    Sarah and Steve have trained countless facilitators in the art of conflict facilitation — not ‘management’ or ‘resolution’, but precisely ‘facilitation’ — and share their key takeaways, common realisations, and secrets to success in this episode.

    Find out about

    • How to use conflict as a growth opportunity and why it’s important to do so
    • What work facilitators shall do to prevent themselves being triggered in conflicts
    • Why well-facilitated conflict can be so powerful — and what can happen when it isn’’t facilitated
    • Why a focus on inner work will serve facilitators better than learning more tools or methods
    • How to create coherent and memorable principle statements for yourself
    • Why facilitators are in the room to protect the space, rather than direct it
    • How and why Sara and Steve train facilitators to be consciously incompetent

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