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Episode 217

May 17th, 2023

Finding Your Facilitator Flow: The Art of Balancing Presence and Process with Sean Blair

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    Do you have a presence when you facilitate? (Hint: we all do, whether we mean to or not!)

    The thing is, not all of us know it or practice it. Our presence is a combination of how we show up and how we give out our energy to the room. It’s not just about being present, but the way we do it.

    Sean Blair has been experimenting with his presence for many years now and has found some surprising results. He’s learned that presence is a flexible force that can positively influence outcomes and experiences in workshops – now he wants to help other facilitators understand and use it.

    Find out about

    • What Sean defines as presence and how it differs being from present
    • Why a facilitator’s presence is best when it’s flexible and adaptable
    • How to assess a group or situation and dial in your presence to suit it
    • Working out when it’s right to provoke the group and when to hold back
    • The variables that affect how a group behaves and receives you – and how presence can influence that
    • How to harness our energy and direct it in a way that is beneficial for the group
    • How to relate to the group before you meet them and why it can be so helpful

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