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Episode 218

May 24th, 2023

Insights and Challenges in the World of Facilitators: SessionLab's State of Facilitation Report 2023 with Filip Kis

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    What emerges when you survey 1,124 facilitators from 93 countries? The State of Facilitation — a snapshot of our profession for the year and a report packed with insights and direction for our continued development.

    SessionLab has conducted the first ever State of Facilitation report and Filip Kis, co-founder and CEO, was kind enough to run through the findings in this episode.

    How do facilitators define themselves? What trends are emerging in our work? And how do we structure our work? All of these questions (and more) were answered in the survey — then dissected and explored in this episode!

    Find out about

    • A review and analysis of the State of Facilitation 2023 report
    • Whether the majority of facilitators are solo or in-house
    • How solo facilitators avoid a feeling of loneliness
    • How digital tools are evolving into co-facilitators in their own right
    • Why conversations remain the perfect preparation for a workshop

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    The State of Facilitation 2023 report.

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