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Episode 220

June 7th, 2023

Building Better Teams by Fostering Trust with Leigh Ann Rodgers

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    They say it takes a lifetime to build and a second to break… Trust is priceless to teams and the organisations in which they exist, so why is it so often overlooked as part of team-building?

    Perhaps because after-work socials and lunchtime chats are easy and sound ‘right’; but high-functioning teams take work — deep, intensive work. They certainly don’t appear out of nowhere.

    Leigh Ann Rodgers sees trust as key to building better teams, because trust can’t be faked, or phoned in, or achieved with a few drinks after quitting time. This episode will help you make trust a priority, understand why it makes such a big difference, and explain what you can do to build a high-trust culture.

    Find out about

    • Why communication is the heart of trust
    • How to identify a box-ticking approach to trust-building and why it almost always fails
    • Why understanding others’ communication styles gives us a shortcut to empathy
    • Which characteristics are most important to understand about your teammates
    • How to treat trust and alignment as journeys, not destinations
    • Which activities and actions you can implement to start building trust quickly

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