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Episode 269

May 15th, 2024

Designing Change: The Art of Service Design and Facilitation with Gerry Scullion

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    Fellow power-podcaster and community creator, founder of The Human-Centered Design Network, and teacher of the next generation of thinkers and doers, Gerry Scullion’s impressive list of founding projects is a true testament to his 21-year mastery of ‘service’.

    Episode 269 is an education into this world; Gerry introduces us to the principles, theories and practices of Service Design, where it intertwines with facilitation, and why design and facilitation are in fact, one and the same.

    We talk about ageism in design, bakery role-play, getting comfortable with uncertainty – and so much more!

    Find out about

    • The difference between Human Centric Design, Service Design and Design Thinking
    • Why service design is a holistic experience that must look far beyond the screen
    • What it means to hold the pen in a workshop and why distributing it to the group is crucial for democratisation
    • Why simultations like ‘investigative rehearsals’ help to explore the nuances and components of service business
    • Why working with children is like training for a marathon in high altitude
    • Gerry’s work in community building and facilitating supportive conversations

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