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Episode 270

May 22nd, 2024

Mastering the Art of Group Coaching with Dominique Mas

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    Even as fully-fledged adults, there are many things about ourselves that we have yet to discover. Unexplored ideas, hidden pools of potential, and uncharted spaces we have yet to step into.

    That is why coaching exists; to become aware of what we didn’t know, to move from a state of unconscious incompetence, into one of conscious incompetence, realising our blindspots and delving bravely, unreservedly into them.

    Coaching mastermind and leader in education Dominique Mas has trained over 200 coaches, helping them to explore their blindspots, on a mission to bring the transformative power of group coaching to the world.

    Episode 270 is a mushroom garden of epiphanies and burgeoning questions, as we unravel the difference between facilitation and group coaching, with many moments you’ll want to pause to commit to memory. Enjoy!

    Find out about

    • The differences, symmetries and cross-sections between facilitation and group coaching
    • The importance of understanding individual needs and experiences before a group coaching session
    • Why thanking participants for their contribution invites in different voices
    • Why we must choose our questions wisely in a coaching context to ensure positive engagement
    • The art of not giving advice and the role of agency in coaching
    • The important difference between trust and psychological safety

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