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Episode 273

June 12th, 2024

Creating a Culture of Feedback and Safety with Dave Kline

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    If you were to create a formula for a high-performing team, what would it look like?

    Dave Kline, executive coach and trainer, accomplished writer, and co-founder of The MGMT Accelerator, a program designed to level-up the next cohort of leaders, has the code. And it’s one that he’s perfected over two decades, 250 group diagnostic sessions, 1000 performance evaluations, and many, many talented leaders later.

    Learn from the master himself, as we dissect the composition of an effective feedback culture, as we explore the power of bitesize experimentation, and join us as we ask, how do you cultivate an environment that breeds honesty, trust and purpose?

    Find out about

    • What Dave has learnt from his time leading high-impact teams in asset management, consultancy and financial services
    • How to enhance higher performance in your teams
    • The importance of a shared purpose in creating psychological safety
    • The distinction between setting an intention and an expectation
    • How to speak up and speak the truth as a leader
    • Validating the ‘problem child’ of a group to transform their contribution

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