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Episode 274

June 19th, 2024

From solo reading to social learning with Theresa Destrebecq

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    An extraordinarily curious mind that lives within the pages of books, Theresa Destrebecq has taken the joy of book club and twisted it into a circle of deep, experiential learning: welcome to Emerge Book Circles.

    In her circles, books become the ultimate impartial co-facilitator. She invites readers to move from the often solitary activity of reading, into a shared space where ideas bloom, shapeshift and expand through the collective, connective wisdom of the circle – helping us to better understand ourselves, our teams and organisations.

    We talk about invitations into brave, vulnerable spaces, the discomfort of true learning and why as facilitators, we must step back from the trees to see the forest…

    Find out about

    • Theresa’s book circles, what they are and
    • How books can be a vehicle for exploring change in an objective way
    • Why safe spaces are subjective; we all have different perceptions of safety
    • The beauty of co-designed, evolved ideas through co-facilitation and collaboration
    • The importance of discomfort in learning
    • Why as facilitators we must detach ourselves from assumptions, choosing compassion first

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