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Episode 275

June 26th, 2024

The Honest Truth About Organisational Dishonesty with Shiao-yin Kuik

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    The daily exchange of messages, ideas, beliefs, hopes and thoughts, from the mundane to the magical, is what makes the world spin round. Conversations are everywhere! But sometimes, just sometimes, we don’t know how to have the conversations that need to happen – the conversations that can change everything.

    That’s where Shiao-yin Kuik comes in! As a cultural change strategist, she is a master at guiding people to have more effective, empathetic communication – using the simple power of intentional and honest dialogue to navigate organisational flaws.

    We unravel the intricacies of vulnerable thoughts, of expressing honesty that doesn’t offend, and of mindfully sharing our truths to achieve change.

    Find out about

    • The complexities of communication and how to navigate it with care for effective dialogue
    • The importance of self-care in managerial roles
    • The ‘Conspiracy of Stupidity’, and why avoidance of addressing problematic behaviour feeds collective ignorance
    • What relational safety is, how to build it, and why it ensures honesty is constructive
    • How to have honest team communication that is respectful, supportive and open
    • The power of the pause: empowering every participant to pause a meeting if it’s not working for them

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