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Episode 277

July 10th, 2024

Facilitating Stress Reduction with Liminal Coaching and Metaphor Mapping with Mike Parker

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    Imagine a landscape. Perhaps a snow-capped mountain top, studded with pine trees and whispers of clouds. Maybe a bird flutters past. Are there people there, or are you alone with the birds?

    If only daydreaming from your desk was seen as something to be revered – encouraged even, free from judgement. Well, Mike Parker is here to tell you why it should be! For when we let our minds wander from our day, it can be a potent balm for burnout, stress, and anxiety, and a cure for creative blockages.

    In this week’s beautiful and deeply fascinating episode, Mike introduces us to the power of deliberate daydreaming, metaphor mapping, liminal coaching and guided relaxation. I hope it carves out an hour of calming creativity for you to let your mind wander fully and freely.

    Find out about

    • The work of Mike’s Liminal Coaching, inspired by solutions-focused hypnotherapy
    • What metaphor mapping is and why it can help us recognise and reframe problems
    • The power of calming the parasympathetic nervous system through liminal pomodoro technique
    • Why guided relaxations offer neurodivergent people a less restrictive outlet than meditation
    • The serotonin-inducing power of recalling pleasurable moments
    • The importance of recognising intrinsic, oppressive frameworks in impacting the burnout of minority groups

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