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November 9, 2020

November 11, 2020

Bonus Episode: Behind the Scenes of the NeverDoneBefore Facilitation Festival


“Positivity has to be sincere to translate into resilience”

Lisette van de Sandt


Since March 2020, almost 100 facilitators have collaborated to bring to life a bold vision: A 24 hours long, global facilitation festival. 
In this bonus episode, Michelle Howard, collaborator and facilitator at the NeverDoneBefore facilitation festival (and guest on episode 043 of the podcast) interviews Myriam Hadnes who initiated the project and invited all podcast guests to host workshops in a way that they have never done before. 
In this episode, you will hear about 
  • What facilitation means to me (Myriam Hadnes) and why it is so close to my heart to bring the community together.
  • How the festival idea came to life.
  • My biggest learnings from the process.
  • What participants can expect
  • How can we use the different time zones, participants will be joining from as bridges, uniting us instead of challenges we need to overcome.
In these uncertain times, we could all do with more positive thinking in our lives, so I asked Lisette to join me in this episode of workshops work. This has been one of my favourite conversations because Lisette shares what it means to be positive. She helps us practice positive thinking more often in both our personal and professional lives.
If you’ve been feeling down lately, or you just want to know how you can foster your team’s resilience through positivity in the middle of a global pandemic, this episode is for you!

Questions and Answers


What drives your enthusiasm for facilitation in general and NDB in particular?


What have you learned about supporting collaboration?


What are you doing to be mindful about positivity and mindset across the group? And, how can you lift it without neglecting the troubles and emotions that people are going through?


Do you think check-ins and asking how people are doing needs more time in a workshop session?


How can an unexperienced manager create and build resilience as a team together in this time?


Are there tricks to boost positivity within a group without forcing it?


What is the difference between positivity and optimism?


What would be your advice for us to nurture this positivity or even resilience? What is the difference between resilience and positivity?


How do you bring positivity into a conversation Without sugar-coating or just ignoring the negative side?


What is the story with these positive experiments and what have you found out so far?


How do you measure positivity, happiness, or satisfaction?


What makes a workshop fail?


What is the main take away from our conversation?

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