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The intervision event for facilitators

London is calling: Join Kirsty Lewis and Myriam Hadnes on

April 24th, from 10 - 4 PM. 

Join us to experience a deep dive into the mastery of "showing up" as a facilitator/ trainer with Kirsty Lewis, the founder of the School of Facilitation. 

At the mastermind table, you get in the spotlight and receive targeted feedback, advice and expertise from fellow facilitators on a topic that matters to you.

idayz Mastermind event for facilitators in Amsterdam

The first two hours of our time together, we will explore how we "Show Up" as a facilitator or trainer when working with a group.

  • How often have you paused to consider how you do your best work? 
  • What language and body language is most effective?
  • What stories are you running in your heart and mind as you facilitate?
  • What is the energetic stance we have unconsciously chosen to adopt?

We often adopt unconscious behaviours driven through habits, old stories and beliefs. Some of these serve us, others, keep us safe but are not necessarily supporting the groups we serve.

During this session, you will explore your own behaviours and learn how to can show the best version of yourself, in service to the group. 

Be ready for a blend of experiential, reflective and enquiry! 


After lunch, we will move to the mastermind tables to share knowledge. 

You will get:

  • Targeted feedback on the topic or challenge that you define
  • Insights on the practice and experience of other facilitators
  • Inspiration from experts in the field of collaboration


What you get

On April 24th, you will meet those who facilitate collaboration: facilitators, coaches, trainers, educators, or team leaders. You will get:

  • A 2-hours class facilitated by Kirsty Lewis - Featured guest on my podcast, episode 036
  • New tools that will help you to Show Up as the best version of yourself. 
  • Your own 30 minutes of coaching, targeted feedback, advice and insights from 5 peers plus Daniel or myself
  • A day filled with meaningful conversations, new insights, top-level learnings
  • A total of 2,5 hours of peer-coaching and peer-learning in a group of 6
  • Extensive preparation-material in advance to make sure you maximise the benefits of your time in the spotlight
  • Access to a network of professional facilitators
  • A professional headshot by Sonya Hurtado for you to take home
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks
  • Exclusive networking opportunity and cocktail reception


The mastermind concept follows a simple procedure:

Each table hosts 5 participants + Kirsty or Myriam

Every participant receives 30 minutes in the spotlight. You can use your time to ask for feedback, advice, methods or best practices. 

Through the diversity of the group, you will find new perspectives from experts in the field of facilitation. They will point out strengths that you might not have acknowledged before. And, you will learn from their challenges.

In 2.5 hours, you get insights worth of a full coaching day. 


How to join

The quality of a mastermind depends on the individuals who attend it. Each member must be willing to share knowledge, expertise and genuine feedback. Then, the group will grow larger than its parts. 

Therefore, we carefully select all participants. Everyone must be eager to give and take - ideas, feedback, and joy.


Admission fee is 374 GBP (432 EUR) + VAT. Don't miss the early bird rates of 279 GBP (322 EUR) + VAT until April 3rd!  


Join us on 

April 24th, from 10-2 PM in London 


Sign up now to secure your place at our "SoF meets mastermind".

After filling out the registration survey, you will receive an email with further information on how to join. 


Your hosts

Kirsty Lewis is the founder of the School of Facilitation (SOF). She created SOF as a place for us to connect, learn and share with others. She creates spaces where you can come and learn to resource and nurture you, your teams or business. To be the best version of you whether you are facilitating, leading or selling you have to start with ‘self’.

Kirsty spent the first 11 years of her working life as a Commercial Manager and then a Global Capability Manager for the worlds #1 drinks business.  The next 10 years, she focused on training, facilitating and coaching sales and facilitation skills in large FMCG, banks and pharmas all over the world.


Myriam Hadnes has an academic background in Economics and Sociology. She earned a PhD in Behavioural Economics from Goethe University Frankfurt and now applies her insights to her facilitation practice.

While Myriam taught Bachelor, Master and PhD students in Europe and Asia experimental economics, she now works with international clients such as the European Investment Bank, Porsche and the Lufthansa Group.

Since March 2019, Myriam hosts a podcast on workshop facilitation for which she interviews facilitators, change managers and coaches about successful ways to facilitate collaboration of teams. The “workshops work” podcast attracts over 3,000 plays per month. 

The agenda

At the event, we will follow the flow:

  1. Check-in and warm-up
  2. Kirsty's course on [...] 
  3. 5 Mastermind rounds of 30 minutes each
  4. Debrief & Harvesting
  5. Headshot pictures
  6. Networking with drinks and snacks

One week before the event, you will receive a complete deck of prep-material in the form of templates, guidelines, and questions that will help you to get ready for your time in the spotlight.

Experience showed that a sound preparation pays off. If you ask your peers precise questions you will get spot-on answers, inspiration, and advice.  

mastermind workshopswork

Sign up

Sign up now to secure your place at one of the tables of the "SoF meets Mastermind".

Upon subscription, you will receive an email with further information. 


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