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Episode 086

November 11, 2020

Foster your Team’s Resilience through Positivity with Lisette van de Sandt


“Positivity has to be sincere to translate into resilience”

Lisette van de Sandt

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To achieve great workshop collaboration, participants must find a way to work together. In times of change, positivity is often the magic ingredient that makes workshops work. However, being positive doesn’t mean you neglect relevant problems. Positivity is about embracing uncertainty and stating things as they are so that you can work out a feasible solution.
Lisette van de Sandt is one of the most positive people I have ever had the pleasure to meet (virtually or otherwise). She is a spirited optimist that believes positivity is contagious. She helps organisations and facilitators work together using positivity to help people “be positive about what works today, and optimistic about what you could do better tomorrow.”
In these uncertain times, we could all do with more positive thinking in our lives, so I asked Lisette to join me in this episode of workshops work. This has been one of my favourite conversations because Lisette shares what it means to be positive. She helps us practice positive thinking more often in both our personal and professional lives.
If you’ve been feeling down lately, or you just want to know how you can foster your team’s resilience through positivity in the middle of a global pandemic, this episode is for you!

Find out about

  • Why positivity should be viewed as a mindset
  • The difference between positivity and optimism
  • How to build your positive thinking skills and resilience
  • Altering your positivity through positive thinking
  • How connecting informally can help build your team’s resilience through positivity
  • Tools and tips to help boost positivity
  • Why you should start group conversations by focusing on small wins
  • Why workshops must focus on solving the real problem to be successful
Meet Lisette van de Sandt and other guests at the NeverDoneBefore Facilitation Festival on November 20th, 2020.
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Questions and Answers


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When did you start calling yourself a facilitator?
What do you think distinguishes a good workshop from a bad workshop?

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