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workshops work

As a workshop facilitator, you set the stage for success or failure of professional gatherings. It is in your hands whether the group achieves its goals, whether it translates challenges into solutions. 

It is a lot of responsibility to create safe space, integrate all participants and keep discussions on track and time despite differing personalities and hidden agendas. In my weekly show, I interview experts on their techniques that make workshops work.

We share hands-on advice, best practices and lessons learned. You will learn about moments of truth and failure, what can go wrong and how to deal with it when it happens.

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Do you seek the exchange with fellow facilitators? Join us for the next live event: The "Workshops Work Mastermind for Facilitators". You'll find more information here.


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Outputs and Outcomes: The Two Sides of Workshop Results with Tim Ferguson

047 – Outputs and Outcomes: The Two Sides of Workshop Results – with Tim Ferguson

February 12, 2020
How to Facilitate Facilitators with Holger Nauheimer

046 – How to Facilitate Facilitators – with Holger Nauheimer

February 5, 2020

045 – How to create unpredictable workshop experiences (that predictably work) – with Leanne Hughes

January 29, 2020

044 – What is the role of facilitation in the future of HR – with Enrique Rubio

January 22, 2020

043 – Being over Doing: On the relevance of presence for facilitation with Michelle Howard

January 15, 2020

042 – How to use gamestorming to design better workshops – with Dave Mastronardi

January 8, 2020

041 – Presence, Mindfulness and Facilitation – with Amaranatho Robey

December 29, 2019

040 – What if we could not use sticky notes? – with Tamara Eberle

December 25, 2019

039 – What if we stopped asking questions? – with Thomas Lahnthaler

December 18, 2019

038 – The silent power of visual facilitation – with Sam Bradd

December 11, 2019
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