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Episode 266

April 24th, 2024

The Alchemy of Group Facilitation Crafting Harmony and Tension with Jason Fox

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    A constant, unchoreographed dance of tension and harmony, of structure and emergence, of psychological safety and sincerity, of client and group: facilitation is an artful balancing act.

    And my guest this week Dr Jason Fox, is a master of equilibrium. A wise and mercurial keynote speaker and facilitator, he straddles the opposing realms of speaker presence and facilitator invisibility with shapeshifting ability, fusing deep philosophical thinking with meaningful future action.

    We ride the facilitation see-saw in episode 266, exploring the alchemic balance of the facilitator, soaring from beautiful philosophies and the ideal conditions for achieving progress, dipping into Vipassana learnings and the potential of a spacious agenda.

    Jason fills our conversation with such wisdom, charm and intrigue, I hope an hour with him leaves you feeling as inspired as I was.

    Find out about

    • Why the alchemy of cooking is like that of facilitation, both requiring acuity, synthesis, and intuition
    • The difference between meaningful progress vs. delusional progress
    • Psychological safety: is there such a thing as too much? Can it lead the group into a state of toxic sincerity?
    • The importance of seeking healthy conflict from a place of psychological safety
    • Striking the balance of imperfection and friction, from the tools we use, to the environment we choose
    • Jason’s teachings from meta-modernism, meta-rationality, Vipassana, and Indigenous Australian philosophy

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