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Episode 261

March 13th, 2024

The Unseen Dynamics of Effective Facilitation with Tanja Murphy-Ilibasic

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    From her debut in episode 53, to episode 261 many years later, my guest this week Tanja Murphy-Ilibasic makes her return to the podcast this week! Tanja is a corporate coach, facilitator and communications specialist – and a master at manifesting potential.

    But potential, the capacity for future success, is only possible with the right conditions at play and the energy to propel it forward. We unravel the dynamics of effective facilitation, the necessary conditions and questions we must ask, to design workshops that will outlive the confines of the workshop walls. After all, it is our duty to give the group the wings to make their potential possible – otherwise, we fail not only the group, but our entire profession.

    Join us for learnings from workshop failures, the art of the gradually-invisible facilitator, the nuances of equal voice, and the importance of withholding our opinion.

    Find out about

    • How to find the right approach for the best outcome and collaboration
    • Navigating the client conversations needed for success; from budget availability, to motivations and post-workshop support
    • Why you shouldn’t go into a collaboration with assumptions or predefined expectations
    • How to physically manoeuvre a space so that the group is given agency
    • Why facilitators should rarely disclose their own opinion to avoid being a guiding voice that would anchor the group
    • How to acknowledge equal voice in a group, giving recognition to quick and slow thinkers

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