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In our community, a problem solved somewhere is a problem solved everywhere. 

A community of facilitators, for facilitators

We can change the world, one workshop at the time.
When we share our expertise and support each other, we all benefit. Together, we will help our industry thrive.
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The community

As much as each guest on the workshops work podcast brings unique ideas, activities, and questions to their episode, each facilitator has something to share. 
The community gives space to everyone to learn, share, connect and explore. 
We will engage in practice sessions, dive deeper into discussion points, and enrich our learning by exploring what it means to be a facilitator.


How it works

Not another Facebook group! The workshops work community is a face-to-face project. We want to meet virtually, face-to-face, in real time. 
  • Meet podcast guests for Q&A sessions and fire-side talks. 
  • Join group conversations about specific topics, its challenges, best practices, and learnings.
  • Attend open peer-coaching mastermind sessions - where everyone can jump in the spotlight.
  • Jump on to the practice sessions where you can practice your virtual facilitation skills.
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