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073: Facilitating the Shift Towards a Pluralist Mindset with Hina Shahid

Facilitating the Shift Towards a Pluralist Mindset with Hina Shahid

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The world is changing and we are in a new moment of equality and anti-racism.

Strategic designer, and design educator by trade, Hina Shahid is at the forefront of this movement, through her work with Project Pluralist – a youth movement that is tackling prejudice and hate.

Facilitating deep inner work – the kind that requires us to look at the parts of ourselves that we hide or don’t acknowledge – is not an easy task. Learning how Hina does this with Project Pluralist was fascinating.

This kind of work is essential for all of us, so the opportunity to discover how Hina facilitates this kind of powerful change felt like an important moment for me. I hope it does for you too.

If you listen to this episode, you will find out about:

  • The uniqueness of facilitating a youth movement and how Hina got started
  • What the nuances of bias, prejudice, and hate are and why they are important
  • Why being not-racist and not-prejudiced isn’t enough
  • What is harder and easier about facilitating young people, compared to professionals in a corporate environment
  • Why curiosity and honesty are at the heart of work towards ending hate

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Questions and Answers 


[01:33] When did you start calling yourself a facilitator?

[02:45] How did you begin facilitating a youth movement?

[05:14] What is the aim of your project?

[06:10] What does it mean to educate pluralist citizens and how do you facilitate that?

[10:35] How do you help young people understand and define the difference between bias and prejudice?

[13:48] What kind of conversations do you need to have that to facilitate significant revelations about bias and prejudice?

[16:37] How do you find co-facilitating with educators?

[21:31] What mindset shift needs to happen in education in order to let students explore ideas independently?

[25:12] What kind of skillsets would you include in training for educators?

[29:18] How can we help people get out of their social media bubbles and embrace curiosity?

[37:36] From what you have learned now, what would you like to have known when you were working for corporates?

[40:18] What can adults learn from your teenage participants?

[44:13] What makes a workshop fail?

[47:11] What is your favourite activity?

[51:18] What is one thing you would like listeners to take away from this episode?





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