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Episode 075

August 26, 2020

075: Behind the Scenes of Facilitating the MURAL Backstage Pass with Hailey Temple

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    Throughout lockdown, I and many other facilitators, have loved watching and participating in Backstage Pass – the virtual workshops held by digital workspace platform, MURAL.

    That meant the opportunity to speak to Hailey Temple, their Learning Experience Lead, was especially exciting for me! And I hope it will be for listeners of workshops work.

    Hailey has done a fantastic job of adapting to the demands of virtual facilitation and her reflections on the last few months will help so many facilitators as we continue to tread the uncertain path of the pandemic.

    Find out about

    • How Hailey came to facilitation by way of design thinking and human-centred design
    • How MURAL have created virtual workshops to help their customers
    • What Hailey does to engage and involve a passive audience (by design)
    • What makes a good co-facilitator
    • What to do when technology goes wrong (because it always will!)
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    Questions and Answers

    01:33 When did you start calling yourself a facilitator?

    04:41 What do you wish you had known about facilitation, hosting, and meetings at the start of your career?

    07:38 What is human-centred design all about?

    10:55 What is Backstage Pass?

    14:34 How do you serve your audience when they are not active in your workshop?

    19:18 What is the skillset that you need to successfully manage a live, virtual workshop?

    22:59 Is there a secret to engaging an audience in a webinar?

    26:33 What is your favourite exercise?

    32:05 What makes a good co-facilitator and how have you mastered the art?

    42:44 What is the key thing to do if technology fails?

    44:10 What makes a workshop fail?

    49:17 Do you have a hashtag for yourself?

    51:03 What is the one key learning you have from running Mural Backstage Pass?

    54:05 What is one thing you would like listeners to takeaway from this episode?


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