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Episode 110

April 28, 2021

110: Facilitation as a Service with Aleksandra Potrykus-Majewska

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    Aleksandra (Ola) Potrykus-Majewska knows the struggle of finding a great external facilitator when stuck in a corporate procurement system. But she also knows what it’s like to set out and find work as a solo facilitator.

    That’s why she co-founded WeWent, a kind of matchmaking service for facilitators and companies.

    Combining her deep knowledge in both sides of the collaboration, and now with several years of experience with WeWent, Ola is perfectly-placed to help facilitators understand how they can better appeal to their clients and vice versa.

    This episode is not to be missed if you are serious about offering facilitation as a service.

    Find out about

    • What 10 years in corporate HR taught Ola and how it led to her co-founding WeWent
    • Why procurement processes can limit the quality of workshops
    • Why cultural fit is as important as professional expertise when hiring a facilitator
    • The skills and certifications that are most in demand with Ola’s clients
    • Ola’s thoughts on the different ways to promote yourself as a solo facilitator
    • Why being rigid with methodologies and language can alienate potential clients
    • Ola’s thoughts on pricing, based on her own experience and the facilitators she works with

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    Questions and Answers

    01:06Do you call yourself a facilitator? If so, when did you start? 03:14What’s the difference between your work now and your work in corporate HR? 07:53Can you explain what WeWent is? Why is it so important? What problem are you solving? 12:55How do you categorise and filter facilitators on WeWent? 15:20Are the most successful matches down to expertise or personality and chemistry? 18:42How do you assess the quality of a facilitator? 21:57What would be a red flag from a facilitator? 25:35Do you expect certifications from facilitators? 29:08How do you measure the quality and validity of certifications – can you? 30:20How can facilitators promote themselves? 35:10Have you ever had a facilitator turn down a potential client on your platform? 36:54What makes a workshop fail? 41:51Do you have guidelines for facilitators in preparing for a session? 43:23What determines the price that a corporate is willing to pay for a workshop? 49:52Have you seen more requests for tech hosts/co-facilitators in the last year? 52:58Do you have a favourite exercise? 55:33What is the one thing you would like listeners to take away from this episode?

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