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Episode 118

June 23, 2021

118: Unusual facilitation: Podcasting, theatre and audio-only platforms with Pilar Orti

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    Facilitation is a creative practice, but I am constantly surprised by the intersections people find and create between it and other creative practices.

    How about theatre? Podcasting? Audio-only social spaces?

    Pilar Orti is interested in all of the above and has some fascinating insights to share from her experiments so far.

    Join us in this episode of workshops work to explore facilitation using different creative media, the balance of process and outcomes, and for lots of light and laughter along the way.

    Find out about

    • How a career in theatre helped Pilar forge her path in facilitation
    • Why Pilar purposefully hosts online workshops with a ‘rough’, messy background
    • What it takes to facilitate an audio-only workshop
    • Whether a medium like podcasting could be a valuable facilitation tool
    • How facilitating through different media can empower teams to self-direct and collaborate
    • Why the process of experimental workshops is inherently valuable, regardless of outcomes

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    Questions and Answers

    01:23When did you start calling yourself a facilitator? 03:04What about theatre helps us create the space for collaboration? 07:43How do you debrief creative, theatre-based exercises? 11:15How did you come to start your company, Virtual Not Distant? 15:14How do you connect virtual meetings and embodied facilitation? 18:20What do you have to do when facilitating an audio-only conversation? 22:58How do you interpret silence in an audio-only setting? 27:00Can you share your experience of facilitating in a Twitter Space? 29:54How do you interrupt people – if you do at all – in an audio-only space? 33:09Could you explain the idea you’re carrying with you, of using a podcast as a facilitation tool? 41:00Is it so important that a team brings forth the outcomes of a workshop, or is the power in simply experiencing the process together enough? 44:47What is your favourite exercise? 48:38Can you use Clap, Jump, Go in online workshops? 49:45What makes a workshop fail? 54:36 Is there anything you wanted to discuss that hasn’t come up yet? 58:19 What is the one thing you would like listeners to take away from this episode?


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