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Episode 145

December 29th, 2021

145: Asking better questions to get cozy, juicy or real with each

other with Jed & Sophia Lazar

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    A game is just a game – silly, playful, and only useful for breaking the ice, right?

    Not if you ask Sophia and Jed Lazar, who have designed a card game that helps participants share, listen, and connect in a deep way.

    Cozy Juicy Real has been tried everywhere from kitchen tables to corporate board rooms and its founding partners attest to the same results – strengthened connection and communication.

    So, how have they done it? What are the misconceptions about games that they’re proving wrong? And can a board game really hold space for people to share their true selves?

    Listen in for the answers to these questions – and many more!

    Find out about

    • Jed & Sophia’s journey into facilitation, facilitating together, and creating Cozy Juicy Real
    • How a game can be designed to hold space for a group
    • How Jed and Sophia have learned to incentivise deep listening
    • Why asking questions is a muscle we can grow, not an innate talent
    • How Jed and Sophia safeguard participants whilst creating space for deep, emotional connection

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    Questions and Answers

    01:21When did you start calling yourself a facilitator – and do you? 03:56What do a protest and a workshop have in common? 04:41What’s the story behind Cozy Juicy Real and when did you first start facilitating together? 07:22What’s one of your favourite questions in the game? 10:56 Can a game hold space for a group and what does it take? 15:03How do you design a structure that incentivises deep listening and communication? 17:09 What are the mechanics behind creating cozy, juicy, and real questions and how do they come together to help people connect deeply? 19:51 What makes a good question? Is there one question in particular that gets people to connect? 23:18Do you think people can learn to ask more meaningful questions by playing the game? 24:26 Can you learn to ask questions and, if so, how? 28:35 What’s your favourite question? 33:25Do you have a question that turned into a gift for you? 36:30What are your observations from playing the game with friends? 40:24How do you manage judgement when it appears in a group? 42:00How do you create a game that allows for people to communicate deeply without risking trauma triggers and offence? 45:56What’s your role as the host – and could anyone do it? 47:39How do you handle check-ins and check-outs? Do you have favourite exercises for each? 49:10What makes a workshop fail? 53:33Is there anything that you’d like to share with the audience that we haven’t covered yet?

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