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Episode 176

August 3rd, 2022

176: Facilitating Feelings or: Creating Magic with Card Decks with Nick Kellet

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    Games or card decks are often used as fun activities in workshops. They’re seen as good tools for keeping a group energised and interested… but they can also be a tool for connection and communication.

    Nick Kellet, the founder of Deckible, understands the power the right game can have in group settings. Whether it’s giving participants new ways of expressing themselves or creating a container for a specific conversation, Nick knows how to use games and card decks to best effect.

    I wanted to speak with Nick to explore the deeper value of games, play, and cards — beyond being fun activities — to really understand how we can facilitate feelings and create magic.

    Find out about

    • What happens when we embrace new ways to communicate and understand emotions
    • Why it is valuable to work on ‘desire generation’ for participants
    • How to keep game design, participant feelings, and creative flow in constant conversation
    • How games and play can get us into a flow state without realising
    • Why it’s worth investing in a repertoire of tools to facilitate inclusion
    • What idea generation and marriage have in common

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