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Episode 181

September 7th, 2022

181: The Facilitator as a Difficultator - New Perspectives and Old Concepts with Tobias Mayer

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    Tobias Mayer’s experience as a scrum master has taken him around the world and across the upper echelons of the biggest names in tech. Those 20+ years have taught him a lot, but perhaps more importantly, have provoked some challenging questions.

    In this episode, we discuss a bit of everything! We challenge assumptions, we question the unquestionable, and we explore what it takes to facilitate change. A clue: it’s rarely comfort or ease!

    If you’re curious about facilitating change in a meaningful and sustainable way and want to pick up some extra tools to help you in the process, this episode will be one you come back to time and time again.

    Find out about

    • Why facilitators help participants exist ‘at the edges’ and achieve ‘their edge’
    • Why facilitators help participants exist ‘at the edges’ and achieve ‘their edge’
    • How confrontation fits in the facilitator’s toolbox
    • Why the end of a workshop is the start of a new chapter
    • Why the flexible nature of facilitation makes the role hard to grasp for some organisations
    • Why promoting staff for their knowledge entrenches a fear of failure
    • The art and skill of asking uncomfortable — and better — questions
    • How changing your style to fit the group inevitably harms the group

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