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Episode 191

November 16th, 2022

191: What Might a Bachelors of Facilitation Contain?

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    As facilitation has grown in popularity and awareness over the last decade. And, as markets grow, dilution and variance begins to naturally occur. Marcus Crow has been pondering this issue for a while — chewing over formalization, authentication, and accreditation in our profession.

    An idea he wanted to explore more (and what better stage than this podcast?) is what a degree in facilitation might look like.

    Is facilitation something you can teach in an academic space? What disciplines and related fields would inform the curriculum? Where would our field trips take us?

    Head back to school with us in this curious and joyful episode!

    Find out about

    • Why Marcus keeps questioning whether formalization will help or hinder facilitation
    • The disciplines and ideas that might inform a Bachelor’s-style programme
    • Whether facilitation is static or context-independent enough to be academized
    • How facilitation might become a constant feature of CPD plans in the near-future
    • Why Marcus would take his class to a military barracks
    • What the common threads and techniques are between different types of facilitators

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