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Episode 193

November 30th, 2022

An Unhurried Conversation about Unhurried Facilitation with Johnnie Moore

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    How often do you walk away from a conversation feeling heard, like you put across the things you wanted to? Feeling relaxed, not frantic?

    And how often do you workshops produce those same sensations?

    If it’s less often than you’d like, Johnnie Moore can help, with his Unhurried model for conversation (and more).

    As facilitators, we can learn a lot — directly and indirectly — from this approach. Unhurried might make you think ‘slow’, but it’s not necessarily so. Rather than purely slowing down, Johnnie explores what happens when we add layers and awareness to our interactions. When we take time to share, listen, and reflect, the conversation sounds very different.

    In an increasingly demanding and results-oriented professional space, this is becoming a rare skill. And, as it becomes rarer, it will become vital that we reclaim the time and space to be unhurried.

    Find out about

    • How Johnnie developed the concept of unhurried conversations to what it is today
    • Why slowness isn’t necessarily the goal of being unhurried
    • How to use props and models as guides to ease your way into unhurried conversation
    • Why Johnnie’s reflective practice uses a sliding scale of satisfaction, rather than failure vs. success
    • How to own your role in the conversation and step into honest relating about your experience
    • What ‘airtime’ in conversation is and why it is often the root of frustrations
    • How to have an effective conversation while speaking gibberish

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