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Episode 202

February 1st, 2023

How to Price your Facilitation and Coaching Services? with Jenny Millar

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    Does pricing make you prickle with anxiety? Imagine what it would be like to feel confident and calm about valuing your services… and now meet Jenny Millar, who can make that imagination a reality.

    Learn all about positioning, discounting, strategy, and communication in the context of pricing in this standout episode

    Jenny’s expertise in pricing will be invaluable to any facilitator or coach, as service businesses are notoriously difficult to price. And, as the founder of Untapped Pricing—a highly regarded pricing strategy consultancy—her advice is certainly of the highest value.

    Enjoy a free taster of her expertise in this episode!

    Find out about

    • Strategies for pricing coaching and facilitation services
    • The relationship between pricing, and positioning and how to get confident with both
    • Jenny’s three rules for discounting and how to discount without devaluing yourself
    • What communication has to do with pricing and why it can make or break your choice
    • The three facets to consider to determine what your services are ‘worth’
    • How tiered, rather than bespoke or binary, pricing makes life easier for you and your prospects

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