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Episode 205

February 22nd, 2023

How to Facilitate with Equitable Hospitality with Maha Bali

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    It’s never been more important to facilitate with an awareness of power dynamics, systemic imbalances, and inequity within groups.

    The progress we’ve made—collectively—towards awareness and understanding of inequalities has been enormous, but the next big step is to do deliberate work to counter it. We’ve got all the awareness we could dream of and the time has come for us to act on that knowledge, rather than treat it as an end in itself.

    Maha Bali’s explanations and exemplifications of Intentionally Equitable Hospitality will go a long way to helping you make equity a part of your work. IEH is a deliberate approach to facilitation that prioritises structural and environmental design to create accessible, sensitive, and inclusive spaces.

    It was eye-opening and joyful to speak with Maha.

    Find out about

    • What Intentionally Equitable Hospitality is and how it relates to our work
    • What the four phases of Intentionally Equitable Hospitality are
    • Why focusing on micro imbalances can shift the macro
    • Creating socially just education, information, and community spaces
    • How to plan, prepare, and resource more equitable workshops
    • How to use technology to bring an IEH approach to hybrid conferences and workshops

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