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Episode 222

June 21st, 2023

Collabor(h)ate: Insights and Strategies for Effective Teamwork with Deb Mashek

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    Why is it that so many groups come together with a shared goal… and fail to make any meaningful progress?

    This is the question that’s plagued Deb Mashek’s professional life — and it’s taken her to some fascinating places.

    Deb’s work and the lessons she’s taken from it have made her a go-to speaker, author, and commentator in popular media, but she’s not one to sit comfortably on the sidelines. She still loves nothing more than diving into mission-critical projects that live or die by the strength of collaboration. As you might expect, she’s got some wonderful insights to share from it all!

    Dive into the details of collaboration and how we can all take responsibility for better work together.

    Find out about

    • Why the heart of collaboration lies in our personal skills
    • The most common causes for collaborative breakdown that Deb sees
    • Why technology helps us collaborate… until it does the opposite
    • How leaders can begin the long-term process of creating a collaborative culture
    • Why ease, reward, and visibility are Deb’s three key markers for a collaborative culture
    • How prioritising shared definitions and language makes collaboration happen faster

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