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Episode 225

July 12th, 2023

Unleash Audience Engagement - From Ignored to Involved with Tina Lyngdoh and Lux Narayan

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    We’ve had plenty of practice with online meetings by now; we have fallen into the common trapdoors and know how to avoid them in the future. But is effectiveness enough? Shall we really set the bar at running a ‘smooth and easy’ event?

    Many attendees still report that they feel unheard or unable to contribute in online event spaces — we are still missing a critical ingredient in a genuinely meaningful event, then.

    That’s why I felt so happy to speak with Tina Lyngdoh and Lux Narayan in this episode. As the co-founders of StreamAlive, they are at the very forefront of the push for universal involvement. Their work helps me to believe that we can still make meeting online connective and powerful.

    Find out about

    • What StreamAlive is, why Lux and Tina founded it, and how it serves online audiences
    • Why facilitators can lean further into assistive tools — and why it’s so important online
    • How to move from monologue to dialogue in an online world that defaults to the former
    • What we unlock when we visualise chat in ways beyond the typical scrolling sidebar
    • Why in-person meetings benefit from audience-to-audience interaction as much as online ones
    • How deepening the participants’ experience and communication can help the facilitator take their work further

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