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Episode 231

August 23rd, 2023

Through a New Lens: The Transformative Power of Photography with Else Kramer

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    Say cheese, dear listeners! This week, Else Kramer joins me to discuss the creative and connective power of photography in a facilitation context.

    Through the camera lens, we can see our environment and problems in new ways — and, as a result, can find new solutions. And the really magical thing? Photography isn’t an individualistic activity; when shared as part of a group it can be connective and attuning.

    There is a huge amount to learn about the specifics of photography and the broader picture of facilitation in this episode. Enjoy!

    Find out about

    • How to enhance any workshop with photography and specific advice for photography work
    • Why photography is an open door to vulnerability, connection, and progress
    • How a daily photo sharing practice can transform a group and the individuals within it
    • Why simplifying a concept isn’t about ‘dumbing down’, but making it easier for participants to invest their energy in a topic
    • How facilitation skills flow naturally into coaching, especially in creative pursuits
    • Why ‘fun’ workshop design helps the group… and why it will eventually prevent real progress

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