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Episode 233

September 6th, 2023

Understanding the Dynamics of Remote Work with Lisette Sutherland

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    The remote revolution is underway. Accelerated by the pandemic and snowballing ever since, the future of work is fast becoming our present day default.

    But is it all going to plan? Lisette Sutherland flies the flag proudly for remote work, but readily admits our approach might be a little off-course currently.

    Has our focus been misplaced, so intently on tech and tools rather than communication styles and new etiquette?

    Lisette joins me in this episode to discuss it all — from the tips and tricks that make the switch to remote work smooth, all the way to psychology and group dynamics.

    Find out about

    • Why a work from anywhere policy has such a huge impact on quality of life
    • The etiquette of virtual offices and why we cannot just transplant our in-person culture
    • How to work with ineffective remote tools, when you don’t have the freedom to choose
    • The value of embracing your personal style and signature — and those of your colleagues
    • What matters most (and what’s overrated) in the transition from office to remote work
    • Which systems, processes, and information management approaches have worked best for Lisette

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